A Word of Wisdom

“To become a skilled dancer, it’s crucial to first learn how to move your body effectively. Gaining an understanding of how your body moves is critical. That’s why taking any dance class will increase your skill level, as long as you comprehend the importance of center, balance and transitions. Keep in mind, success in dancing begins with mastering the fundamentals.” ~ Rico Bravo

“Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance styles. For Latin dancers, mastering the basic step is essential. Advanced dancers prioritize footwork, while professional dancers emphasize body movement as a crucial element of their craft.” Rico Bravo


Our Dream Workshops offer excellent dance instruction, taught by high quality famous artists sharing their knowledge and talent with you. Our signature two-hour workshops are thoughtfully crafted to improve your technical skills and guaranteed to take your dancing to a whole new level.

The workshop schedule may vary some to enhance your learning experience.